Abandoned in a dirty bag a three-week-old kitten cried heartily and called for help

Very often people throw away living beings as if they were ordinary garbage. And although the police are trying to punish for this, nothing stops the criminals: neither the threat of being in prison, nor the fines.

On that day a little kitten was unlucky. However, one person found it necessary to get rid of a three-week-old baby in a simple way: put it in a bag and leave it near a sandy embankment in the Pyrmont area (Sydney, Australia). There in the morning a black-and-white baby lay early small, defenseless and frightened.

Luckily, someone passed by. He heard a sound and realized that somewhere there is a kitten. The man unfolded the dirty bag and immediately met the frightened eyes of the abandoned baby.

A passer-by took pity on the kitten and took him to the hospital. Veterinarians examined him and promised that the baby would fully recover. At least there is no threat to his little life, and he is getting stronger day by day.

The incident was reported to the police who promised to find the perpetrator. Law enforcement officers turned to anyone who has any information that could help the investigation. So far, police have posted photos of the cute , sharing his story on Facebook.

Of course, people didn’t remain indifferent and immediately began to write comments. They were outraged by the act of the man who abandoned the kitten, and expressed the hope that the criminal could be found.

«Why are people so cruel?» asked one commentator. Another added that people like this simply can’t be called people.

The police are on their way to catching the criminal, but as for the crumbs, he will most likely be looking for owners. It remains only to wish this baby to be in good hands.

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