Accidentally dropped piece of meat became a reason for believing in magic. The cat is sure in the magical power of a tile that gives food

This cat named Olivia, with her whole appearance, reflects the belief of the female in the supernatural and magical, even if the incident has quite logical reasons.

And it all started like this a year ago, her owner Melissa, while cooking dinner, accidentally dropped a piece of chicken. She was busy and did not pick it up immediately, to the delight of the cat, who smelled the meat and immediately ate it.

Then all week she came to the kitchen and sniffed at this particular tile, being sure that food would appear there. And the family decided to play along with her։ as soon as Olivia leaves the kitchen, they put food on the magic stove and wait for the pet to appear.

But the cat is just sure that it appears just like that! So, from time to time Olivia treats herself on this tile, sometimes she is on duty, and after all, a year has passed.

The whole family and even guests maintain her funny habit and in every possible way take her to another room to arrange a miracle for their pet. Very nice, isn’t it?


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