Adopted a dog, and she brought me money found on the street

This Yorkie girl was found by a woman on the street, but she couldn’t keep her, because she already took care of several pets. Zhenya called me asking for help.

Together with the family, we decided that we would take the girl for a while and find her a new home.

But in our plan there was also a “weak spot”.At that moment we had an extremely limited budget. My salary depends on the number of orders, sometimes there are very few of them, so the budget has to be reduced to a minimum.

At that moment, our finances did not even allow us to buy good food for the girl, but despite this, we decided to take her away.
The dog immediately made friends with all our household members. She did not quarrel with cats and behaved culturally with people, including with a child. We named the girl Masya.

The girl behaved very cultured, she went to the door when she needed to go to the toilet. The last time we went outside was usually around midnight, but one day she asked to go out at two in the morning.

Our yard is not very quiet, so the prospect of such a late walk didn’t please me.

I got dressed and, completely without enthusiasm, took Masya outside. the paths were covered with ice, but the girl clearly did not want to quickly do her business and return to a warm apartment. Masya hid me somewhere along the slippery sidewalk until we ended up at a bar located not far from our house. Masya scurried about in the darkness of the building, and then dragged me back home.

Already when we entered the house, I saw that Masya had something in her mouth. When she put it on the floor, it turned out to be money. Masya found six thousand rubles at the bar. Suddenly, we had money, including for food for the girl.

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