An adorable baby and a cat keep a close eye on the window cleaners

Ropes dangled outside the tall windows of an apartment, and a baby curiously looked at what was going on. He was joined by a black cat, and his mother recorded every moment.
Both the baby and the cat looked up to see what was going on.

Suddenly, a pair of legs slowly descended from the other side of the glass. They were window cleaners whose hard job was working on the building from top to bottom.

After seeing the cleaners, the child looked at his mother with a confused expression. The cat was slowly twisting its tail back and forth as it watched the cleaners hanging outside.

While the two men were wiping the windows, the little boy and the cat were watching them carefully. The child was smiling and the cleaners were loved by him.

The two cleaners were playing with the baby and the cat goofy faces. They made the child and his mother laugh. Meanwhile, the cat tried to catch the cleaners they were using.

Finally, the cleaners finished their windows. They waved goodbye, and the kid giggled as they disappeared from sight. Then he turned to his mother with the biggest smile.

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