An Alaskan woke up and found unexpected guests։ family of seven lynxes

A young man living in Alaska was visited by rather strange guests.In the morning he found seven wild lynxes, mothers and cubs, on his porch.

Fortunately, the camera was nearby and he managed to take a few shots with rare animals.

The man says that their house is located at the very edge of the forest and the wild animals at the bottom are not surprising. So, often foxes, deer and even bears visit him. He even learned to determine which animal looked at him this time by the noise. However, this time the rustle was rather unusual and Tim went out onto the porch to see who came to him this time.

At first it seemed to him that these were the most ordinary stray cats, he opened the door and tried to drive them away. Two kittens did not pay any attention to the man at all, others reacted differently from domestic cats. Then he realized that they were lynx cubs.

In this area, lynxes are quite common, however, they do not like people and in every possible way avoid meeting a person. He saw them only in the forest and could only make a blurry shot, as the animal immediately ran away.

But this time the lynxes themselves looked to him. The morning was early and there was no good lighting, but, fortunately, the animals remained on the balcony for a long time and he managed to take a photo from different angles.

Moreover, at first there were two of them, then they all arrived and increased in number.

By the way, the mother of the lynxes first waited for them in the bushes, then joined their games. The lynxes played on the balcony for almost an hour, and then ran away to their forest.

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