Animal care provided by prisoners is the finest kind of incarceration work in the US.

Correctional labor that the whole world deserves. In the United States, they decided to re-educate criminals with the help of animal therapy.

It is not really known who is this brilliant person that came up with combining two things important for a person: occupational therapy and animal therapy.

But, perhaps, this is the best they could come up with. Honest work and contact with pets foster such important qualities in a person that criminals are unlikely to have.

Indiana Prison recently launched this amazing program. The animals from the shelters got their owners. Those babies that did not know human love and care at all learn to be friends with a person and become truly loved.

In turn, people serving their sentences receive an attitude from cats and dogs that they are unlikely to see from people around.

The stigma of the criminal leaves its mark, others will always treat such people with distrust.

In an American prison, they do not immediately switch to communicating with animals, and not even everyone. This is considered a privilege.

A person must prove that he really wants to change his attitude towards the world. But the most important thing is that friendship cannot be built quickly, it takes time. This resource is just enough for both sides.

In these pictures, you can enjoy watching the new owners take care of their animals. Grown men knit suits and hats for their cats, take care of them, play.

You can see the sincere emotions of the prisoners and the same loyal eyes of their pets. What could be nicer?

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