Big cats attack toilet paper

Marmalade was a pet cat who lived with her owner. The beautiful feline was very interested in toilet paper. Whenever Marmalade had the opportunity, she would happily destroy a toilet paper roll.

Marmalade’s father was a volunteer at the Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida. So he decided to check and see what the sanctuary’s exotic feline residents would do when they found toilet paper.

The Big Cat Rescue was a permanent home for tigers and wild cats. In addition, it was a sanctuary for Servals, Bobcats, Lynx and Ocelots. Marmalade’s father placed a roll of toilet paper on the fence of one of the residents, Ginger (Serval).

Ginger spent her sweet time chewing on the toilet paper and had fun destroying it. The other resident, Apache (Bobcat), did the same. Finally, Pharaoh (White Serval) took out the whole paper roll and played with it.

The next resident was the lynx named Purrsonality, whose paper was rolled over its body and played with. Then, Apollo (Siberian Lynx) and his companion Zeus decided to completely shred the paper roll.

Amazing Graze (Ocelot) rolled on the ground while playing with the toilet paper. It was interesting to know how these feral cats behaved so similarly while having fun destroying toilet paper.

This proved that all types of felines love to play around with toilet paper and enjoy destroying them.

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