Blind homeless woman falls asleep in the mud, but two dogs guard her

Even stray dogs who have seen a lot of cruelty from a person have not lost their love and the ability to compassion with all their hearts.

Ake Srisuwan from Thailand posted touching photos on Facebook. In these pictures, you can see two stray dogs lying next to an elderly woman in the mud, as if protecting her.

The author of the photographs noticed this scene while walking along the river. He couldn’t even understand whether this woman was alive or not. And if she was alive, then why was she in this situation.

Approaching the scene and looking closely, he thought that the woman was sick or injured. He decided to ask the locals if anyone knew anything.

As a result, this old woman turned out to be a blind bum. She somehow fell asleep on the river bank, surrounded by two caring stray dogs.

All this time, the dogs were by her side, protecting her. And not wanting to leave her alone in this state.

Since the area was considered unsafe Ake worried, decided to take the woman and the dogs to a safe place, the local hospital, and ask for help.

The story spread so fast that it reached the authorities. Soon they responded with a decision to help this woman and the dogs to find shelter and a home.

We hope that everything will be fine with this woman and her two guardian angels and they will find a home for themselves.

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