Blind senior Pit Bull gets contact lenses and now she can easily drink water from her bowl

When dogs get older, they get health issues. Some of them may have an eye problem due to cataract.

Gremlin is a senior dog that used to be very active and energetic. Unfortunately, she has problems with her eyesight. Her parents – Chris and Mariesa Hughes are big dog lovers.

They can’t imagine their lives without these four-legged happy pups. Their house is full of dogs of different breeds. They are very caring and affectionate parents to these lucky animals.

When they found out that Gremlin has difficulties seeing her surroundings, the couple took her to a vet. Sadly, during the cataract surgery, they experienced some difficulties and the poor dog stayed almost blind.

Once the dog was full of life and joy now refused to play with other dogs. Gremlin even stopped eating and interacting with her parents.

She was nervous and anxious.

Mariesa and her husband were devastated. They were ready to do anything possible to return her eyesight. They would visit different vets and contact all the best vets of the country.

When the poor dog was again examined vets told her parents that her condition lets her get contact lenses. Mariesa was extremely happy to know that there was hope for her beloved dog.

Thankfully, the idea worked, and when Gremlin started seeing everything again, her parents were relieved and happy.

Now the wonderful pit bull can eat and drink from her bowl all by herself. She is the same energetic and lovely dog that she used to be.

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