Caring policeman does his best to save baby coyote

A Massachusetts police officer received a report of a frightened dog found in the middle of the road late in the evening.

The policeman that named Carlo postponed his rest and left for the address. What was his surprise when, instead of a dog he, on a busy highway, stumbled upon a confused coyote cub.

In America, these wolves are considered pests. They cause damage to cats, small dogs, livestock and for this reason their response is not only not punishable, but can also be well rewarded.

But how could a policeman offend such a crumb? This cub turned out to be lucky, falling into good hands. The coyote’s mother wasn’t around and he realized that he wouldn’t leave him.

He wrapped the cub in a towel and took it to his girlfriend’s house. By morning, the man took him to the veterinary clinic, where he was examined.

Some time he was still under observation, and then, making sure that he could survive in his natural habitat without a mother, they released him.

This coyote is really lucky, because in the US they are unlikely to survive after meeting a person.

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