Deaf and blind dog recognizes his old owner after a year of separation

This incredibly touching moment when, despite a whole year of separation, a completely blind and deaf dog recognized his elderly owner.

It is impossible to look the photos without tears, and this perfectly illustrates how loyal and devoted creatures dogs are and how much they love their owners.

Steve sheltered Betsy 5 years ago. Then the dog was only a month and a half. The man was skeptical about the idea of his daughter to shelter Betsy.

But even in this state the animal was incredibly charming and Steve soon learned the heart of this animal is filled with love and tenderness for its owners.

As Steve’s daughter admitted, she did not see a more loving and friendly dog. Moreover, despite her condition, she is incredibly daring and courageous and loves to take risks.

And so began a great friendship between an elderly man and a dog, but she still lived with Crystal, Steve’s daughter. And so, when it’s started the quarantine restrictions, Bitsy couldn’t see her beloved grandparents for about a year.

And the reunion was so touching that Steve himself was touched by such a meeting and said later that he didn’t expect such a dog’s reaction.

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