Dehydration, swollen paws and very thin: the owners have abandoned the dog

This shepherd turned out to be useless and was simply thrown out of the house.

The dog hoped for a day that someone would help her, but people just passed by.

A passer-by wrote about the dog and how it needed help, but the post did not work. In the comments, it was discussed that someone should help the dog, but no one wanted to do it personally.

My friend called me and asked me to take the dog, he will not survive on the street.

I had to drive 40 km to the place where the dog was, but when I arrived, he was still in the same place. Perhaps the dog wanted to leave, but dehydration and swollen paws prevented him from doing so. Judging by the collar, the dog had owners, while he was in a terrible state.

The dog was extremely thin, diseases of the limbs and skin were clearly visible.

I took the dog, we named him Volt and passed all the necessary tests, now we are waiting for the results.

The condition is very serious, so neither we nor the doctors make any predictions. While we try to provide the dog with peace, good nutrition. The treatment was carried out, the dog drinks the antibiotics prescribed by the doctor.

The most difficult situation is with the paws, it is not clear how the shepherd will be able to walk. Doctors recommend trying a good wound healing cream.

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