Elephants enjoy a sunny day in their pool

Like dogs, elephants can’t sweat to cool themselves. But instead of panting, these animals flap their ears to cool the blood vessels in their ears. When wagging their ears wasn’t enough, these elephants had a swimming pool.

But within the first few minutes of watching these intelligent animals, it becomes clear that they are not just here to chill. They go swimming because it gives them a chance to play in the water.

When one of the elephants approached the water, the first thing they did was splash their trunks back and forth. However, the water-loving elephants did not stop there.

One of the elephants climbed all the way into the water until only their heads remained above the water.Then, they used their trunk to breathe underwater.

When one of the elephant’s friends approached, the submerged elephant dived and emerged from the water to let out a joyful trumpet that shocked the visitors.

Most people might not think that elephants would be swimmers, but these elephants were having a blast. Watch how they have fun in their pool to the delight of zoo visitors.

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