Every night we wake up from the fact that she cries: hysterically, pitifully and bitterly

Soullessness and inhumanity is what destroys humanity. Sometimes it seems that half of the population is sick with this.After all, every day you can see the consequences of such a disease. If a person no longer needs a cat or dog, he can simply throw the animal out into the street as garbage.

And he doesn’t even think about how he will live there on his own. But the worst thing is that it isn’t treated.

Here lived a dog in the village. She had a loving owner who took care of her.He vaccinated and sterilized her, and fed her. In turn the dog guarded the yard and its owner.The dog could easily walk outside the yard.That’s common.

And for a special reason, the owner decided to throw it away. And the reason is this:she steals the neighbor’s chickens. You can immediately say that she is poorly fed, since she also eats up the chickens. But she looks quite well fed.

In this village, the only place where you could give a dog was trapping. As you know, this is the worst thing that can happen to an animal, especially a domestic. But fortunately Tthe fluffy beauty was saved by a woman who already had a lot of dogs.

But she couldn’t leave this animal to die. Therefore she remembered how much we love dogs and immediately called us. She said that when she passed chickens with her dog, she didn’t even pay attention to them.

We gave her a new name Basta. When the girl came to us she was shocked. She hid in a corner, didn’t eat anything and didn’t contact with us.

But when everyone calmed down and went to bed, she began to cry. She apparently missed her master very much and didn’t understand why she was taken from him. Well, here’s how to tell the baby the whole truth here?

We understand that over time she will start to eat, communicate with other dogs and even play with them. Yes, she gets used to people. But all this won’t be soon, as she is very disappointed in people and it’s difficult for her to start trusting at least someone again.

In the meantime she remains with us in waiting of a new home, a better one. Let’s hope luck smiles on her one day.

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