Every year, the penguin paddles 8000 kilometers to find the fisherman who rescued him: they have formed an unbreakable bond.

This touching story about a true love between a man and a penguin. This story will definitely melt your heart.

Once, a penguin, named Dindim, paddled, and crossed 8000 km to find the man, after he rescued the penguin eight years ago.

This 71-year-old fisherman, named Joao, lived in a small village, located in Brazil.

In 2011, he accidentally found a tiny newborn penguin and rescued it: the penguin was soaked through oil, and if the man did not notice him, he would kick off.

The kind man washed up the poor penguin’s head and body, gave him a first aid, and chose a name for him.

After a short time, when Dindim was able to live in the ocean water, Joao relieved him to return to the sea.

But, the loyal penguin refused to leave the old man and stayed with him more than 11 months.

After he got his new feathering, he left the man. Friends and relatives of the fisherman said, that his penguin friend would never come back to him.

Surprisingly, after only a few months, Dindim came to see his human friend.

So, the loyal penguin used to visit the man every year.

As Joao says, Dindim appears in every June, swimming a long distance to meet him, and disappears in February to return to his family.

It is a fact, that a real and devoted friendship has formed between Joao and his beloved penguin.

So happy for them!

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