Female pit bull herself led rescuers to the house where her puppies were hidden

A call came to the animal rescue service that a female pit bull is walking down the street, she looks like she has puppies.

Employees came to the call and immediately noticed an unsettled dog. She did not show aggression and immediately went into contact with people.

The dog literally asked for help. It was obvious that she was a nursing mother. Pitbull mama herself brought people to a house.

The rescuers talked to the owner’s house, it turned out that the owner of the dog was in prison.

Although the volunteers were assured that the dog was being looked after, it was clear from her appearance that it wasn’t the first day on the street.

The poor dog was too thin. She was dirty and weak. But her bad condition didn’t stop her from looking for her babies.

The puppies were not given to the rescuers. They took the dog to a shelter.

Then the rescuers returned with a girl who helped them pick up the puppies from home. The kids were taken to an orphanage, where mommy was waiting for them.

Just look at how tenderly mommy greets her babies. Thanks to the joint efforts of worried people and rescuers!

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