For four years, the dog was somehow forced to survive in the market, and even there he was not welcome.

This glorious dog has had a hard life since birth. He was a few days old when he was thrown into the market and they left him around there, hangling at people’s feet, for which he often got it.

He suffered kicks and blows, which were both accidental, but more often intentional and very cruel. And he needed quite a bit: to be given a meal and caressed.

Local stray dogs took responsibility for him and brought him to the saleswoman, who was kinder than the rest and often fed the street dogs, they protected him and warmed him in the cold.

The dogs lived in a small flock, fell asleep on bags, were peaceful and did not frighten, did not bark and did not attack. But Kursk has its own specifics — even harmless dogs prevent to everyone here.

One local resident took a couple of photos with them and posted them on a social network. But if you thought it was to help, then you are wrong. He wanted to complain about the abundance of dogs on the streets and said that they prevent, although the poor things had never done anything wrong to people.

The group of dogs in which Sanek lived turned out to prevent with everyone, despite the fact that they were friendly and sweet, and very soon his friends were gone due to a complaint from the townspeople. Sanya and the dog Gypsy survived. The dog cried for a long time and could not recover from misery.

Then, when the saleswoman Elena realized that they wanted to get to her pet, whom she covered, she called local volunteers who took the dog from the market and now nothing threatens his life.

Already in the car, he changed and from sad and thoughtful became playful and smiled with all his face, and the people who did this to the poor dogs will definitely get what they deserved.

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