German Shepherd saves a youngster trapped in a marsh after dog finds missing child just in time.

The German Shepherd is a breed that was created to serve man. Often these dogs work in the authorities and rescue services. Each dog has its own profile: some detain criminals, some work at customs, and there are those who save people.

German Shepherd Perseus is a professional lifeguard.

Last week, Perseus once again confirmed that he is a real service dog: the dog found a lost boy.

The grandmother decided to visit the family cemetery and took her grandson with her. While the old woman was putting things in order, the boy left. Grandmother did not keep track of her grandson: he was nowhere to be found.

The woman then contacted the police. Rescuers immediately went to the scene, Perseus was with them. The shepherd was given a command, and after 5 minutes Perseus took the trail. He smelled the missing child near the bench where the boy was sitting.

After some time, Perseus found the child, and just in time: he fell into a swamp. The boy was frightened and did not know how to behave in such a situation.

So he didn’t try to get out. The child was pulled out and sent for examination. Fortunately, the boy did not have any injuries.

Perseus received another praise for his excellent work, and the boy promised his grandmother not to run away from her again. We hope he keeps his promise.

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