Girl turned the shaggy, dirty “monster” into a charming and happy puppy

Encountering an animal in trouble on its way, a person with a good heart cannot simply pass by. While walking, a couple from Florida noticed a strange dirty ball of wool. People did not immediately understand that it was alive, the dog looked so ugly. They realized that they had to help him.

The couple who discovered the dog did not have the opportunity to keep a friend at home. Therefore, they threw a cry for help on social networks. A house was quickly found for the dog, a girl named Corey Falla agreed to shelter him. By the way, she is a hairdresser for animals.

The woman opened her pet hairdresser in the middle of the night so that the dog would not suffer for a second. Few people know, but matted hair is not just ugly, it can disrupt blood flow and cause bruising.

In addition, these are excellent conditions for the habitat of various parasites, which also create discomfort for the animal. Fortunately, the dog’s situation was not the most neglected.

Corey gave the dog a life-saving haircut. It took a lot of time to remove all the hair, but it was definitely worth it. Only at three o’clock in the morning, Corey’s work was finished!

When Lucky appeared in a new image, he was simply unrecognizable! The dog happily wagged his tail in gratitude.

After the haircut, the dog was washed and taken to the veterinarian for an examination. It turned out that Lucky was blind and deaf. Now, this dog is waiting to meet his new family.

The story of Lucky quickly spread across the Internet. People thanked the caring saviors for the fact that they did not stand aside. There is no doubt that very soon this pretty face will find a home and loving owners.

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