Guy saved newborn kitten after seeing him in pouring rain on the roof of the house

This story is one more proof that there are still kind and caring people in the world. And the hero of our article met just such a person on the first day of his life!

One evening a guy named Ray Vargas was working as usual. It was raining outside, so the young man worked at home. But suddenly, Ray heard a plaintive squeak. He did not think long and immediately rushed to the street to understand what was happening.

It turned out that on the roof of the barn, right under the pouring rain, lay a very tiny kitten. He was absolutely helpless, he hadn’t even opened his eyes yet. Most likely, someone simply threw the kitten thereh.

Ray couldn’t leave a small and defenseless animal there.He took it off the roof and carried it to his home. There he dried the baby, warmed him up and fed him milk with a syringe. After that, the guy went to the vet to make sure everything was fine with him.

There he found out that it was a cat. Ray became very attached to the tiny fluffy, so he kept him. He named his pet Bagheera.

Now the tiny lump has grown into an affectionate kitty. Bagheera loves to sleep in his master’s arms and help him work. She wants to spend as much time as possible with her savior.

The kitty is very lucky, because she has a guardian angel!

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