“He has huge horns and eyes full of aggression!” Plush deer grew up on the bed, and now it scares everyone.

2014 a pet appeared in the house of Chernihiv resident Olga Dedus . But it’s happened very unusual.

The girl’s father found a small deer in the forest, which was attacked by dogs. The man was able to protect the baby, and was forced to take the forest dweller home, because otherwise he would have died.

Dedus’s family immediately fell in love with a small defenseless animal and began to take care of him. The fawn was very reminded of the hero of a famous fairy tale, so he was given the name Bambi.

The animal settled in the house, and at first lived right on Olga’s bed.

“Keeping a dog or a cat at home, no, this isn’t about me, only a real horned, plush deer can live in my house,” the girl shared.

Bambi was fed milk and cookies, which he loved very much. Soon the baby got stronger and began to grow rapidly.

“When he was little, it was cute. Now he has huge horns and eyes full of aggression,” smiles Olga.


Bambi turned into a strong young deer and moved into a cozy barn. The pet prefers to spend a lot of time outdoors, but never leaves the territory.

This deer will not be able to return to the wild, but it seems that he likes his current position. The pet is well fed and try not to limit his freedom.

“You can’t even imagine what this“ miracle ”does, but it looks like a cute creature! He likes to demonstrate what sharp horns he has,” told Olga.

Once Dedus’s family saved Bambi’s life, and he decided to thank the rescuers and he stayed in their house forever!

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