Incredible moment of reunion of a caring owner and his pet, who remained underground for three days

A resident of Great Britain Alan Witton and his jack terrier Mitsy once again went for a walk and in the park the pet played merrily with another dog, and then suddenly disappeared and Alan did not see her anywhere nearby.

The man was worried where his pet was and looked for him until late in the evening, but to no avail, Mitzi was nowhere to be found. The very next day. as soon as it dawned, he again went in search, and at the same time posted posters about the loss of the dog all over the area and continued to search for it.

The search went on for the third day and Alan was already losing hope and could not come to terms with the loss. And suddenly the phone rang… A woman who lived nearby spoke at the other end of the tube.

She said that her dog had sniffed something in the place of the fox hole and it was there that Mitzy had recently walked. The man immediately went there, taking his pet’s favorite toys with him.

He put the toys to the hole and began to call him and the dog instantly reacted to the voice of his master. The man began to dig a hole, which was very difficult, and he was joined by people standing nearby.

After a certain time, the restless Mitzi nevertheless got there. And Alan’s joy and tears are difficult to describe in words, and the dog was obviously glad, began to whine loudly and wag his tail.

The owner later guessed that the pet most likely began to chase the fox and, as a result, ended up in its mink. Fortunately, Mitzi escaped with only a slight fright.

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