«It’s an incredible friendship.» The girl sheltered the rabbit and her pit bull decided to meet him

A girl named Mindy cautiously entered the house, bringing home a new pet — the cutest rabbit. But one fact worried her very much. how the dog will accept her new family member.

This incident happened in Pennsylvania, USA, last year. Before that, the girl was in complete confidence that rabbits and dogs were not at all a couple. However, her 2-year-old pit bull managed to convince her of the exact opposite.

Pitbull Grace took up the newly-minted guest with great enthusiasm. Mindy shared that the animals were drawn to each other immediately. At first, both cautiously began to sniff each other, and very soon they literally were shining with joy.

The dog began to lick the rabbit and they already made it a habit to cuddle daily. At the moment, the girl does not have the opportunity to keep both pets separately, since Grace is categorically against separation from her friend. By the way, the little rabbit was named Sophie.

Rabbits, like dogs, are highly socialized. They are very attached to their owners. And Sophie has become completely lucky — she has both loving and caring owners, and a faithful friend Grace.

Now the rabbit is one year old, but she continues to grow, as she is a giant Flemish rabbit, whose weight can reach up to nine kilos. When Sophie stretches lying down, she is almost in size to Grace.

Note that once the pit bull was used for dog fighting, and then simply left tied to a tree. They wanted to euthanize the dog, as she was considered aggressive, but the love and care of the owner completely changed her.

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