It’s very touching: a mother deer rescues a cub frozen in fear on the road

It’s an incredibly touching sight to watch how a deer saves her cub, who got scared and stuck in the middle of the road. A caring mother persuaded the deer and, as a result, she managed to persuade him and calm him down, and the mother and the cub disappeared into the bushes.

The driver became an eyewitness to this spectacle and was even able to film it on the phone, and then published it on his social network’s page , as a result of which the post became viral.

Jessie Larson was driving along the Port Orchard highway in Washington at that time and it was then that she came across the animal.

At first, the woman thought that the deer was in danger and she was about to go out to help the baby. However, just a few moments later, she saw her mother approaching and immediately began filming the scene she was watching.

Mom very cautiously approached the baby , which was very scared. When Jessie noticed the deer, she immediately turned off the car motor so as not to scare the animals.

Then the incredible happened: the mother tenderly hugged her cub, who was still confused and seemed to persuade him. And she did it: very soon the cub rose to its feet and followed its mother.

Jessie looked after them for a long time and was once again amazed at the degree of consciousness of animals and love for her cubs — after all, mommy always remains mommy and it doesn’t matter that it’s a deer.

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