Kitten from the shelter jumped into the arms of a guy and asked to take her home with him

Think that when a person comes to a shelter, he chooses an animal for himself. Of course, it may be so, but as practice shows that much more often it is animals who decide whether they want to live with this particular person or not. Animals feel kindness and, based on this, understand whether a person will become their friend or not.

The man in this picture emits good energy, which is why the kitten Luna liked him so much. The animal drew attention to the man as soon as he stepped on the shelter’s threshold.

When she noticed the man, Luna looked at him carefully and didn’t take her eyes off him anymore. The man seemed to feel attention from the cat and took her in his arms. The cat immediately showed all the tenderness and affection that it was capable of. Sitting comfortably in the man’s arms, the cat put her paw on his arm, as if asking that this man never leave her. At first sight the man and the cat had an amazing mutual understanding.

On this day Luna found its owner. The guy is convinced that he got the most tender and loving kitten in the whole world.

The veterinarian found Luna had minor health problems, but the doctors quickly resolved the problem and now the animal can live a full life.

Luna turned out to be a big fan of YouTube videos.Especially she loves to watch other cats on video and catch mice that run across the screen.

Most of all, the Moon loves to be near her master. In this example, we once again made sure that it isn’t a person who chooses an animal, but they themselves decide who they are ready to give their love.

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