Lost dog returned home a week later on his own, tired and hungry

A dog named Brownie went for a walk and having walked, disappeared. The owner, Stephen searched everywhere and couldn’t find him nowhere, and after several days of unsuccessful searches began to expect the worst.

They thought that they had lost a friend forever, because a week had passed, and he was gone and no one had ever seen him. They did not sleep all night long and searched for their beloved pet for days and numerous ads on all platforms did not give any results.

However, on the eighth day, Braunila returned as suddenly as he had disappeared. Only to him alone in a known way, he was able to find his way home. Surveillance cameras recorded how the dog squeezed under the gate of the main entrance and rushes towards the owners.

Brownie was hungry, thirsty and very tired, but most importantly, he was alive and well. For the family, there was no greater joy than finding their beloved pet unharmed and they consider this the happiest day of their lives.

And we are happy about the happy ending of this story and wish that all the lost pets were found.

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