Meerkat infants quickly rose to fame on the Internet due to their peculiar demeanor.

To the impossibility, these animals amaze all users of social media with their behavior. In the zoo of the capital of Japan, in Tokyo, the meerkat family boasted of the replenishment of babies that delight the eyes and soul.

Having grown a little stronger, the cubs immediately set off to explore the world and instantly conquered millions of human hearts with their touching behavior.

Everyone notes the mercy, unusualness and amusement of little creatures. Elder meerkats carefully guard the newly born, despite the fact that they are not even their parents. These animals, apparently, believe that strangers do not exist.

These adorable little ones are eager to learn about the environment, nothing scares a bit. Such small, and already such real daredevils. The whole family teaches the younger ones to hunt and catch scorpions.

These mammals spend their day looking for food, digging new burrows or improving old ones. In their free time, they do their favorite pastime – bask in the sun.

Due to their characteristic sociality, meerkats constantly huddle in flocks of up to 30 individuals, but colonies with up to 60 members are rare.

As for nutrition, the diet includes insects, bird eggs, spiders, scorpions, lizards and snakes. Life expectancy within a zoo or at home is 10-12 years, and the usual habitat makes it possible to live much less – about five years.

If after viewing the photos you have sympathy for meerkats and a desire to have them at home, then do not hesitate for a second. You will definitely never regret this decision!

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