Melanistic black tiger with rare black stripes was spotted walking in the jungles of India

Melanism causes differences in appearance in all living beings that lack black pigmentation. They get unique and eye-catching coloring.

Because these animals are different, they are often rejected by their herds. It is also dangerous to appear in the eyes of their predators.

Recently, an exceptional black tiger was spotted in the jungles of Odisha, India. It had black stripes that covered most of his body. This condition is called melanism.

An amateur photographer had the luck to capture the tiger on camera. His once-in-a-lifetime pictures immediately got spread over social media. These photos are a desire for any wildlife photographer.

The man was shocked by the beauty and uniqueness of the big cat. However, he was able to take some photos before the tiger walked back into the trees.

The man was very surprised because he had never expected to meet a black tiger. He went to the jungles to take photos of some beautiful birds.

Melanistic tigers are rare. They are of the same Bengali breed. In the jungles of Odisha, there are only about 10 black tigers left.

Agree, that black tigers are gorgeous. We hope that they survive despite their extinction appearance that takes all the attention.

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