Mia is a bizarre mix of Pomeranian and Husky that you will definitely mistake for a fox

In recent years, pages of various pets on Instagram have been gaining more and more popularity. Beautiful, funny, very photogenic, simply incredible animals are pleasing to the eye and watching them is a real pleasure.

So our hero became a new hero on Instagram. You will definitely decide that this cutest creature is a fox, but it wasn’t there — it’s Mia, which is a cross between a husky and a Pomeranian. Let’s agree that it’s rare to see a cuter dog and it’s the looks that made it popular on Instagram with a huge army of fans. Many celebrities can envy the number of Mia’s subscribers.

Just look at this red hair and bottomless blue eyes,, just lovely, isn’t it?

Officially, this breed has not yet been registered, but this cross is very popular and is becoming more common, and the demand for them is growing more and more. Accordingly, the number of this amazing new breed is also growing.

For the first time, they learned about Mia two years ago, when the owner posted pictures of this beauty on his page on the social network. A wonderful, blue-eyed muzzle instantly won the hearts of netizens and the dog quickly became very popular.

By the way, Mia lives with her master in sunny South Florida, but they do not stay in one place and love to travel around America.

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