A very touching story. The mother cat got sick and gave her child to take care of the dog

Very often pets are very frank with us then any other people do. They can be more thankfulthen people.

The story we want to tell is  a cat named Luna who lived in the shelter with his kitten .

they two were ill but mother was more ill and the doctor dissapointing forecasts. Mom and the kitten were intensively curedbut Luna was so ill that could not feed her kitten. Happened that it was brought to the shelter a dog named Visky. Mother cat thought it can be a good one to look for hier kitten.

And it was so,it was strange to see how the Persik took care of the kitten. After a few time mother cat became well and could do all for her kitten. But the most happy part of the story was that the kitten and Viska were taken  to the same house to live in and their owner was as caring as Visky.

They lived long and happy  and had full of good moments together.

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