Neglected dog sprayed in eyes with air freshener to stop his barking finally gets the love he deserves

According to the magazine, a little dog went from healthy to wrecked situation in less than a year.

That is due to the brutal treatment he reportedly experienced at the hands of his previous owner.

Buster has made an amazing recovery since being rescued by Animal Rescue in Mexico.

Cynthia Dares, the founder of Sunflower Sanctuary Animal Shelter, described on Social Media how Buster came to her in severe need of food and water.

She further claims that his owner suffered penalties that necessitated the removal of his eye.

He was also neglected, which caused him to have problems walking and urinating.

Buster has undergone a successful eye operation since their original post.

Moreover, One man has also cleaned to remove the stickers off his paws and matting all over his body.

Dare state that she intended to pursue cruelty charges, and Shelter Company Media reported that Valencia District Animal Control is looking into the accusations.

Unfortunately, it appears that no lesson people learned. And Buster suffered as a result.

Regardless of any possible criminal charges, the most essential thing is that Buster is now secure and well-cared for.

He will spend the remainder of his days with Dares and her other recovery dogs because her sanctuary is a terminal rescue.

Dares says the animals she saves “remain here until they’re ready for the Pearly Gates.”

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