Neighbors saw how she dragged him into her house with difficulty. And a few months later, everyone gathered at her door.

It happened six years ago at the end of winter, when a woman named Dahlia Gamez dragged a dog into her apartment, whose life was in danger.

She is a volunteer in the society for the protection of animals in the capital of Mexico and have had to face with similar cases.The look of the foundling was terrible and he was so thin, and the body was all in tumors.

The woman called the unfortunate Bobby and took her to the veterinarian, where she didn’t practically give to recover the animal, but she decided to fight for the dog’s life.The treatment process was long and she constantly, day and night, looked after him.

The first few months were the most difficult, as she was severely heavy chemotherapy in several sessions at once.But the dog’s character was fighting, and the owner supported him in everything, therefore, by joint efforts, they managed to defeat the serious disease.

Dahlia’s neighbors couldn’t believe their eyes. They didn’t recognize the dog, who just a few months ago seemed to be hopeless.

Now he is an active healthy dog, who is enjoying his new,who has comfortable life with might and main. Love and faith in someone work wonders not only in the person’s life, but also in the animal’s.

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