No one took a cat with an unusual muzzle except for one woman.Why did she take it

A cat named Onyx has a cleft palate. This is a disease that doesn’t change the duration of life, but creates certain difficulties. Due to improper bite, there are problems with food, in addition, you need to specifically select their diet so that the food does not injure the palate.

The disease also affects the appearance, making it not the most familiar to cats. When Onyx lived in a shelter, even experienced employees considered her appearance to be intimidating. Despite her affectionate nature, Onyx had almost no chance of finding a new family due to her appearance.

Cindy Hawk understood that, most likely, the cat would remain living in the shelter, while the woman did not see anything frightening in the appearance of Onyx. Sydney decided to keep the cat, but before she could do so, she had to wait three months.

That’s how long it took Onyx to go through all the necessary processing after life on the street, as well as to get used to people. Due to her illness, the adaptation process took her longer than other animals. As soon as possible, Cindy took the cat.

Cindy’s colleagues did not know why, of all the animals, she chose to help Onyx. After a while, when the animal adapted to the new family, her mistress revealed the secret. As it turns out, both of Sydney’s children also had traits that were reflected in the way they looked. The daughter of a woman is a “sunny child”, outwardly she differs from her peers, and her mother knows how difficult it can be to accept this fact and learn to live with it.

According to Cindy, a pet with a peculiarity is the best fit for her family and he will be able to teach her children to accept their features and learn to find inner beauty, where others see only external differences.

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