On December 31, an emaciated cat appeared on the market. And only one guy postponed all the cases and decided to save her

On December 31, a very touching story happened to a young man named Artyom Berezka. The guy went to the market, but completely forgot about shopping when he saw an extremely emaciated cat. The animal was in a very sad state, so Artyom decided to put aside all his affairs and help the unfortunate baby.

The young man took the cat in his arms and hurried with her to the veterinary clinic.Where the doctor first of all put her on a drip and took blood for analysis. The baby was exhausted, so she didn’t resist even when she was given injections and cleaned her ears.

The girl who worked in the hospital was also inspired by the animal’s history and even gave Artyom two cans of food for exhausted cats.

The guy brought the poor to his home.He wrapped her in a warm blanket, put a heating pad next to her and prepared a tray for her. He was delighted when the cat went to the toilet.It means that her stomach is working and there is hope for a speedy recovery.

Artyom celebrated the New Year in the company of a new girlfriend, and already on January 1 he took her to the clinic again to put a drip. The veterinarian said that the condition of the animal has improved, and his body has received the necessary fluid. The eyes covered with pus have become much cleaner.

The young man took the cat home again, rejoicing in his success. From the baby it became much better to smell, and when she fully recovers, it will be possible to bathe her with a special shampoo.

Now the cat is with Artyom, and this is perhaps the best thing that has happened to her in her entire life.

Even the New Year holidays didn’t become an obstacle to saving the animal. Let the kitty recover as soon as possible and be able to please his new owner.

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