People rescued a retriever dog and in the morning she gave birth to pups which are very different from her

Recently one golden retriever really surprised his guardians from New Zealand.

Beautiful, affectionate and very pregnant Rosita was picked up by volunteers from the Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue shelter on the street. When she was taken to the rescue center, the volunteers realized that the dog needed help and could give birth literally any minute.

Fortunately, the vets were ready for the birth, Rosie was relatively healthy and did not bode well for unpleasant surprises.

But from pleasant surprises, as it turned out, no one is immune!

When the dog’s pups finally began to come into the world, Cathy and John, the guardians of the retriever, could not believe their eyes. Because Rosita decided to give birth to 4 little… calves!

No, this is not a joke, it actually seemed to the volunteers that some free bull was the father of these kids. They were very unlike their golden mother!

Cathy and John have helped dozens of dogs in their time, but this has never happened to them before.

“Our golden girl gave birth yesterday,” they will write a little later in social networks. “Not exactly what we expected. Four baby cows.”

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