Pomeranian wears Paddington Bear costume for Halloween

Any dog ​​owner will probably tell you that their dog is the cutest dog on earth.And it is likely that they are just nice to their owner.But there are some dogs that are too cute.

Betram, aka Bertie, aka Bert, is one of those dogs.

The adorable chocolate pomeranian looks like a tiny bear cub when his mom cuts his hair short.He looks so damn cute in that red hat and blue coat that makes me want to cry.He doesn’t even look like a dog. He looks like a little tiny Paddington Bear.

“As soon as I got the hat on his head I was like, Oh my god. It was an immediate ‘wow’ moment,” said Bertie’s mom Kathy Grayson .
Bertram was adopted off Petfinder from a shelter in Oklahoma.

His original name was Jasper, but his mother changed it to honor Bertie Wooster from P. G. Wodehouse’s Jeeves and Wooster.

“I called him ‘Puppy Bear’ for months until I settled on a name, Bertie,” told Kathy.

“By the time his adult fur grew in and he was fully grown, it was obvious that Bertie was the cutest guy in the world. People would stop us on the street all the time, and in NYC people usually don’t do that too much, so the power was real.”

He now lives in New York City and works at an art gallery with his mother. Grayson shared photos of Bertie on her gallery page.
Bertram has more than 400,000 followers on Instagram alone.

When his Halloween costume came early in 2018, mom posted of photo of him which obviously immediately went viral all around the world.

She says she’s just grateful to have him in her life every day.

“He is so calm and chill; he is just a funny, thoughtful, alert little friend. He doesn’t bite, almost never barks, he just stares and stares and smiles and romps,” she said.

You can follow handsome guy Bertram on his Instagram page @bertiebertthepom.

Learn more about Bertram in the video below!

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