Rain-soaked babe longs to go with kind man but his trauma is bigger than he is

Rescue organizations all throughout the world work relentlessly to alter people’s lives.

A group of people reacted to a report concerning a little dog.

He was discovered alone, drenched in sweat, and clearly hungry.

A puppy his size is much more vulnerable to misfortune.

Particularly when he enjoys greeting people by sprinting down the street.

He was certain to get hit by a car at some point.

There has to be a solution. We Saved A Puppy, a rescue organization, rushed to save the baby.

He was named Stormy since he was discovered in the pouring rain.

He’d go up to them, tail wagging, but as soon as they tried to take him up, he’d back down.

The rescuers kept attempting to pick up the dog. The rescuers kept attempting to pick up the dog.

Finally, they were able to capture him by leaving a trail of food and moving quickly.

He is very adorable! They immediately brought Stormy to the vet.

The poor infant was infested with fleas. His blood tests revealed that he was anemic as a result of the flea infestation and a poor diet.

Stormy is being treated for anemia. The following step is a flea bath. YAY!

Those disgusting crawlers must be exterminated!

Stormy is also filthy from his time on the streets. He’ll feel so much better now!

They put him in an adorable dinosaur onesie to keep him warm!

They then shared his photo on their social media website, and adopters leaped at the chance to take him home.

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