Rare footage shows playful six-month-old baby elephant laughing during game at wildlife preserve

Capturing moments of a young elephant grinning with happiness is obviously quite unusual.

Many people are probably unaware that elephants can produce even sounds.

That’s why a photo of a six-month-old elephant chilling at the Maevang Elephant Camp in Chiang Mai, Thailand, went viral lately.

With viewers marveling at the elephant’s happiness and charming laughing sounds.

It’s no wonder that these photos have received so much attention: it’s too gorgeous to describe.

As you see the elephant have fun while playing, you’ll be reminded of an innocent kid.

This shows that many creatures, not only human beings, may experience satisfaction and enjoyment.

According to Metro, a student named Laura-Jane flew from Aberdeenshire to Thailand to celebrate her recent college graduation.

Laura-Jane, was sure, and had no idea she’d be making a photo that would go viral while celebrating her accomplishment.

When she saw the young elephant having so much fun during her visit to the elephant camp, she thought it was a special moment that needed to be shared with others.

She had no clue that when she released the shot of the gorgeous elephant on her social networking page, it would be seen by hundreds of other people.

The pictures show the babysitter for the newborn elephant engaging in several pleasant activities with the infant.

The two are playing with a plastic bucket, and the baby elephant is clearly having a good time.

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