Right in the middle of the swamp, a young man noticed an owl that did not move for a day

A man, walking in the vicinity of the city, right in the middle of the city noticed a small creature. Peering, he recognized an owl. Not paying much attention to this case, he went on about his business. The next day, he also had business and he went along this road and noticed that the owl by the swamp had not disappeared.

The guy began to suspect something was wrong and decided to help the bird. When he approached her, he noticed that one paw and her wing were tangled in the fishing line.

The owl sat for a day without moving and had already lost hope that someone would save her. He carefully approached the bird, doing everything not to frighten it, and carefully removed the fishing line from it.

Then he proposed her to move onto the stalk of a shovel which has already lost strength on the shore.

The bird, for sure, already thought that it was doomed, but, as we see, a miracle saved it. For some time she was in stress and could not come to her senses.

The Savior did not leave the unfortunate owl in trouble and loneliness, brought her food, affectionately communicated with her until she got stronger, rested and flew away.

And we are very glad that everything ended well and we urge everyone not to leave our little brothers in a helpless state and, if possible, help them.

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