Stray dogs adopted a cat and took her under their car, against the laws of nature

The cat Phil woke up and saw breakfast in the form of a pickle and a dried cracker. This is the only thing left after the dinner of his owner, who suffers from alcohol addiction. The cat didn’t receive any other food. The owner boasted to his friends that his cat is a herbivore and eats everything they give.

It didn’t occur to this man for some reason that cats had a different diet. The cat slept on dirty rags that were spread out on the floor. Filya didn’t live, but simply existed. However when she looked out the window of her apartment she saw that other animals didn’t live the best life.

The windows of the apartment looked the garbage cans, where the animals rummaged in search of food. Filya was glad that she at least had a house. Also, Filya was madly afraid of a pack of stray dogs that were in charge in the yard. They instilled in her an incredible sense of fear.

Most of all, Filya was afraid of losing her home. But as you know, exactly what you fear always happens in life. One day the owner came home drunk. He took out all his anger on the unfortunate animal. He threw the cat out the door.

The poor cat went to look for food in the garbage cans. The poor was so hungry that she didn’t even notice how a pack of dogs surrounded her. Phil closed her eyes and said goodbye to life. One of the dogs approached Filka, sniffed her, then turned away and barked, addressing his pack. He gave the command to the dogs not to touch the cat.

All the dogs approached Phil in turn, sniffed her and began to wag their tails in a friendly manner. They adopted the cat into their pack. Filka realized that she had nothing to be afraid of.

Suddenly,she remembered that she had previously lived under the care of the leader of the dog pack. The dog warmed her with warmth on cold days, gave affection and care.

Oddly enough, but after the cat got into the dog pack, she healed happily. Soon the unlucky owner changed his mind. He went out into the yard and began to call the cat home, but she didn’t want to return. Filka chose a happy life with a new family.

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