Talented cops dance to “The Git Up” by Blanco Brown

Police officers from all over the United States absolutely smashed The Git Up Challenge. They danced to the catchy tune «The Git Up» by Blanco Brown. Some danced alone, while others had a partner.

One officer recorded his challenge at home and was one of the few to dance along to the entire song. He danced incredibly, using his whole body from head to toe.

Everyone wore their uniforms and most wore shades while dancing. They looked calm, relaxed and swayed smoothly. Not a single officer danced without a big smile.

It wasn’t an easy challenge. The chorus repeats the choreography, but there are a lot of maneuvers to do for the entire song. All the officers seemed to be trained dancers.It looked like a music video.

Many of the police officers were spectacular at freestyling.There were many unexpected movements by serious and intimidating looking people. One of them was a man with his German Shepherd.

While they were all over the states, they had one thing in common: they were having loads of fun. Even in uniform, the officers can dance like there is no tomorrow.

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