The Bullmastiff was the first who know that the mistress was pregnant! When the baby was born, the dog gave him the most valuable …

Every dog owner knows how bad a dog can be. Paws and teeth are powerful weapons in the fight with furniture, the TV remote control or new Italian shoes. But we are ready to forgive all the little «Skoda». How else? How long can you be angry with them?

Bullmastiff named Brutus is also not averse to spoiling something in the house. His owner, Bonnie Michalek, and her husband recently moved into a large house that allowed them to have a large dog. In 2016, Brutus appeared in their family.

It soon became clear that the dog had a special passion for toys. Do not think that he is playing with them — not at all! He just ripped them to shreds in a matter of minutes.

But there is an exception to the rule!

Brutus did not spoil the one and only toy — a fluffy yellow ball. Surprisingly, the pet treats him very carefully and drags him everywhere in his mouth.

It looks like the dog loves this round fluffy thing.

By the way, Brutus is a loyal, kind and affectionate dog.

More than anything in the world, the pet loves its mistress Bonnie. The girl even jokingly calls him her first child.

And she says this for a reason, because quite recently a real child was born — baby Kaidan.

The family was not afraid to get a dog, believing that Brutus would become a true friend to their son! People were not mistaken -the pet really loves children …

Shortly before the birth of the child, Brutus was temporarily given to Bonnie’s parents.

Taking the dog away from her parents, the girl understood that Brutus needed to be alone with her for a while, and only then she could introduce him to the baby.

The meeting was very touching! Brutus sniffed the baby and started wagging his tail happily!From that moment on, the dog does not leave his new friend!

But the cutest thing happened when little Kaidan started crying.

Remember that yellow toy we told you about at the beginning? So, Brutus decided to share the most valuable.

The dog brought it to the crying baby…

Probably, the pet thought that his favorite thing would help the boy calm down. If he likes this toy so much, then Kaidan will like it too! Perhaps the dog thought that way.
Since then, Brutus runs to the child along with the toy every time he starts to cry.

Brutus also has his own little secret! He’s quietly playing with Kaiden’s rattles…

We hope that Kaidan will grow up and will also share his toys with Brutus!

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