The cat abandoned in the summer house ran after the car of the girl who fed him bread … He begged to take him with him

When summer ends, summer residents return to the city. But for some reason they forget about the animals they tamed.

Unnecessary cats and dogs are left completely alone, and often die of hunger and cold …

Anna Kulyaeva shared with us a story about an unfortunate cat who was also left to die in the summer house. When the girl first saw the pet, she was not too lazy to write to the chat where all the summer residents gathered and ask who left the animal, but no one admitted to their deed.

The cat was hungry to such an extent that he greedily ate stale bread. Anya understood that the cat had recently been domesticated, but he was left to die of starvation. One of his lower fangs was broken. And the poor fellow obviously received an injury from a person …

The girl’s family also planned to leave for the city. The cat, as if sensing that he was about to lose his last chance to save, ran after the car, meowing loudly. So he persuaded people to take him with them. Of course, the girl’s heart could not stand it and she could not leave the pet. By the way, in the car the baby behaved surprisingly quietly.

Anya was so sorry for the cat that she wanted to keep it, but her husband, unfortunately, is very allergic to cats. But the girl still did not leave Murlyka, placing him on the balcony. Then she began to think about what to do with the animal next.

Fortunately, in the fate caring people intervened of the cat. Anya’s neighbor offered the cat a tray and a warm house, and her friends, acquaintances and even complete strangers began to write posts on social networks about the animal’s accommodation!

And a miracle soon happened! A wonderful girl responded to one of the posts, who agreed to give the suffering cat a home and love. Now the pet lives with her.

Thanks to all those people who took part in the fate of the cat. A long and happy life ahead of the cat!

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