The cat fell in love with the builder who did the work outside the window

Recently, the hostess noticed how her cat was sitting and as if waiting for someone near the window. She did not understand what was the matter, because they live on the 15th floor. But when a builder appeared outside the window, who was doing work at a height, the hostess realized what was happening!


A cat named Cleo lives happily with his mistress in the United States. Recently, her mistress began working at home and noticed the strange behavior of her pet. She constantly looked out for something in the window of the apartment, although there were only builders who were working at a height.

The owner’s apartment is located on the 15th floor, so she could not understand who the cat was waiting for. Then she saw the cat peeking right under the blinds. It turned out that there was a builder who waved to the cat apparently, they had met before.

It turned out that the builders always started work at the same time in the morning. The cat managed to make friends with one of them through the window, and since then every day she has been waiting for her new friend. «He and Cleo played through the window and were touched by her. And she just bathed in attention. I immediately thought:» And how long has this been going on ? «says the owner of the cat, Kaylin.

According to the hostess, Cleo is a very sociable lady, and generally likes to make friends with the workers: «I noticed her special love for electricians and plumbers who came to our house. Cleo is very sociable, and does not like to be alone,» says hostess. Here is such love.

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