The cat, left without a mistress, lost weight and yearned … Fortunately, she fell into good hands!

Animals have a hard time if they lose their owners. Not only are their little hearts broken, but they also have to fight for their lives. Most often, pets are not needed by the relatives of the deceased, and they, at best, end up in a shelter, and at worst, right on the street.

So our today’s heroine, a fluffy white-gray cat, was left without a mistress. True, luck smiled at her, and she didn’t have to wander for a long time. The family of Dmitry Gromov found out about the baby. People decided to shelter the poor thing so that she could live in warmth and comfort until new owners were found for her.


Exhausted and frightened, she won the hearts of Dmitry and his family. For a couple of months that she spent in his family, the baby recovered by a kilogram and became very attached to people. Pet never bites, scratches and just loves to talk to people. As soon as one of them returns home, the baby jumps up, growls, and then rushes to the door to rub against her legs and sniff the bags.

And how to part with such a wonderful animal? Dmitry talked with his relatives, and at the family council it was decided to leave the cat at home. That’s how this baby found owners again!

Let there be a home for every lonely animal…

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