The cat was thrown in the water but saved from heating becouse of his prayings for an aid aid

In the early morning when as usual the girl was in the bus the street was amaisingly empty and she notised a man who went from his car throw the box in the  river and went back.

At once the girl thought about the heating of animals which she heard about in the village.
Thinking not very long she rang up to the first aid then studied the shore of the river herself,but the poor cat was nowhere.

Then only at the end of her studiings she heard the complainting squeak
They saw the little poor cat stayed on the little stone in order to save his life .

They couldnt save other lifes but this one was alive. The poor one was very frightened.
First they took him then warmed and took to a pet hospital.

As a hapiness of all the cat was very healthy and the girl called him «Persik».
And she thought that insteead of treating him they can get aquanted with each other.

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