The cat without front paws, that learned to walk like a person, conquered the Internet

Cats always gain a large number of likes, and the hero of our today’s article is even more so. The owner filmed how his pet stands on its hind legs, like a real person.

Videos with the Canadian cat Rex were often posted on Instagram, but they didn’t collect such popularity before as they do now. Just look at this cute face. It is immediately clear that the cat lacks both love and care.

Rex lives in a huge cottage in Canada with his wonderful family and second cat. They get along very well, so the owners often show two pets in their videos at once. He spends almost all his free time with his people and loves them very much.

Rex began to learn to walk on his hind legs a long time ago, and many subscribers asked the owners to lay carpets at home so that it would be more convenient for him to move around and not be so painful to fall.

But people abandoned this idea because Rex likes to walk on the parquet more, and besides, he can move faster this way. Yes, and sometimes the cat marks the territory, and it is much easier to remove all traces of his deeds from the parquet than from the carpet.

Despite all the tricks of the little fluffy, the owners do not stop loving him and delighting him with various sweets.

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