The dog came to school for help.The teacher showed an example to the children

In the middle of winter, a red dog appeared at one of the city schools. The small animal was clearly exhausted by life on the street: ribs protruded under the skin, the fur was dirty, and one front paw dangled lifelessly. The dog looked at those around him with an intelligent look, fawned over the children, allowing them to stroke him and licking his hands in response.

The children wanted to help the animal, they asked for help from one of the teachers, who had been doing volunteer work for a long time, helping homeless animals. The teacher brought up love for animals in children not with words, but with her own example, therefore, the students did not drive away the exhausted animal, but wanted to take care of it.

When the lessons were over, the teacher took the dog to the veterinarian, and the children poured out into the school yard to see them off and wish them luck. The veterinarian determined that the dog was still young, examination of the paw showed that there was no fracture, but the nerve was damaged, so the paw does not function and is unlikely to work in the future.

The dog was named Kelly, the veterinarian decided to watch her for a while, hoping that the paw could be saved. Unfortunately, the miracle didn’t happen, so the doctor suggested amputation.

The leg was removed to the elbow joint so that in the future it would be possible to install a prosthesis on it, which could allow Kelly to lead an active lifestyle typical for animals of her age. Unfortunately, this plan also failed — the sensitivity in the upper part of the paw disappeared, so another operation was required, during which the paw was taken away. Kelly had to endure yet another rehab.

Feeling loved and cared for, Kelly changed. She stopped being shy and afraid, became active and cheerful. Over time, she adapted to the fact that she has to walk on three legs, re-learned how to balance and move. The girl is used to walking on a leash, she has her favorite place in the house, she is always waiting to be taken out for a walk to cope with her business.

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