The dog cooper was born like a cartoon personage

A two-year-old dog named Cooper is considered to be one of only about 30 dogs in the world that were born with the very rare short spine syndrome.

Cooper looks more like a cartoon character or caricature than a real dog.

Cooper breed is an American Foxhound, but he was born on the so-called «puppy farm».That is, in an illegal farm in Halifax, Virginia. When the farm was opened, local animal rights activists took all the dogs from it to the Minnesota State Shelter.
It was there that it turned out that one puppy had a very rare shortened spine syndrome.

Because of this syndrome, the dog’s head passes directly into the body and therefore he cannot turn his head, but can only look straight ahead.

Despite his strange look, Cooper is charming in his own way, especially when he smiles. Perhaps that is why the spouses Ellie and Andy Keegan sheltered for him when they came to the shelter for the dog.

The Keegans are big dog lovers, and before Cooper, they already had three dogs of different breeds at home : Skylar, Tuva and Waylon.

When Cooper got to the shelter, he was in a bad state and few thought that he would survive. But by some miracle, the shelter staff managed to get him out.

Cooper also underwent spinal surgery, after which it became a little easier for him to walk.Cooper is a very friendly dog and always attracts a lot of attention.

It is known that most puppies with this syndrome were euthanized immediately after birth. They say that the whole point is in closely related breeding.It is because of it that such a defect occurs. It is very sad to think about such things, but now this dog has a loving family that takes care of him.

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