The dog covered 100 kilometers in search of its family, which had moved away.

Amidst the chaos of preparing to move to a new house, the family accidentally left behind their Labrador dog named Cleo. The realization only dawned on them after a few days, and even though they couldn’t locate Cleo, the dog managed to do so herself, covering over 100 kilometers to find her owners.

Mike and his spouse suddenly made the decision to relocate, and the busyness of moving furniture and other belongings, along with Mike’s thoughts about his new job, left them no time to think about their dog. Each family member mistakenly assumed that someone else would take care of Cleo.

Upon arriving in the new city, Mike immediately went to work, while his wife attended to household chores. It was only in the evening that they realized they had left their dog behind in the old house.

«Of course, I immediately got in the car and drove back to the old house. But Cleo wasn’t there anymore!» Mike told journalists.

Two weeks later, the Labrador returned on her own. In that time, the faithful and determined dog covered a distance of 100 kilometers, somehow finding the right path.

This incident not only became a remarkable testament to the dog’s loyalty and ability, but also served as a reminder for the family about the importance of care and attention towards their pets.

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